This page contains OOC information.
This means the page is not about roleplay but general things that will help you on the Lords of Minecraft server.

December 4 (Shardstone Update)

December 7

  • Server updated to Minecraft 1.9
  • Removed Shopkeeper sounds
  • Lessened Shardstone sounds
  • Sounds added to volume control
  • Portals changed to Gold
  • New Server MOTD Message

December 11 (Mall Update)

December 25 (Christmas Update)

  • All players can claim 25 free SS Stones from under the tree in the Market
  • Brickton is poisoned to reduce population

January 5 (Westshire Update)

  • Sewer Pipe transportation added
  • Recycle Center job added
  • Grove has been flooded
  • Westshire has been formed

January 7

  • Peasants are set to adventure mode when not on a plot they own
  • Mall portal purchase not announces who purchased it
  • Donation chests are limited to Gold and Signed Books

January 11 (Nickname Update)

This feature / Update can no longer be found on Lords of Minecraft
  • Peasants can now set a nickname from the Bureau of records
  • Ghosts are removed.

This update was removed shortly after implementation due to abuse of nicknames.