The Wizard Tower
Location Dong-Dank
Type Sub-District of Magic Quarter
Rulers Lord Nisovin

The Birch Table

Law Enforcement Arcane Guard
Military Magic Quarter Army
Places of Note
Date of Founding
Founder Lord Nisovin

  Lord Nisovin's Tower (Also known as The Wizard Tower) is a sub-district within The Magic Quarter. It shares a region chat with Magic Quarter, is inside of the magic quarter, but uses different blocks. It is currently the only place on the server where peasants can fly. It also has a high tendency of having airships crash into it.


The Wizard Tower is part of the larger Magic Quarter District, and therefore shares a government with the Magic Quarter. It has no special representative system, but follows the same nomination/voting system as the Magic Quarter does.

The Wizard Tower-Magic Quarter is governed by the people's elected Birch Table.