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Sand Dunes
Location DongDank
Type District
Population 104
Rulers The Lords, Queen Shay, Sand Dunes Council
Law Enforcement Desert Task Force (DTF)
Military None
Places of Note
Date of Founding
Founder The Lords

  The Sand Dunes is a district found in the center of The Barrens. It currently has it's own council, the Sand Dunes Council.


The primary governing body of the Sand Dunes is the Sand Dunes Council. The Sand Dunes is a constitutional democracy determined by its Constitution and implemented by its Council.

Healthcare System

The Health Care system of the Sand Dunes is completely free, with the exception of donations. The Sand Dunes Hospital is located at North Yellow 6. As allied districts, the healthcare infrastructure of the Barrens and the Sand Dunes have recognized mutual relations.

Known Cases of Disease, Wounds, and Ailments

  • Mad Coe Disease
  • Allergies
  • Were-Beavers
  • Broken limbs
  • Strained Eyes
  • Cut wound
  • Dehydration
  • Chronic "Sandy Eyes"

Law Enforcement

The current law enforcement over the Sand Dunes is currently contracted and supervised by the Desert Task Force (DTF). Malvar_The_Great currently controls the DTF(Dunes) and works alongside the Dunes Council.

Previously headquartered in the Barrens, the DTF used to be joint department of law enforcement over the Barrens and the Sand Dunes under the agreement of both allied councils until the resignation K54, who split the force into Barrens and Dunes Branches.


Notable Locations

Queen Shay's Palace (Sand Dunes Guild Plot) --- Location: X: 446 Z: 610

Sand Dunes Embassy --- Location: X: 424 Z: 649

District Regulations

Lords sanddunes

Sand Dunes Building Materials

Cross-District Relations

The Barrens

The Dunes is surrounded on all borders by The Barrens, separated by the River. Although many peasants are confused about the Sand Dunes's status as an independent district, both the Sand Dunes Council and the Barrens 13 agree that The Dunes is a separate district. Referred to as "Sand Friends and Pals," the Dunes and Barrens cooperate to a strong degree. They share a region, and the Barrens lets the Duners use their Teamspeak server. The Desert Task Force also operates both in the Sand Dunes and in The Barrens.


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Oak's Grove

Pauper District

The Slums


The Vineyard

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