The Majesties Castle, former location of the original Round Table. is the central building of Dong Dank and the current residence of the King and Queen, King Poose and Queen Shay. You can become a servant of the king and queen by living here and the castle is considered a sub-district of Main Street.


General Information

It was erected on the 30th of January 2015 after a competition held to build the Castle over the Christmas period. The Castle can be located at the coordinates (194,312). Within the castle there are various different rooms that were requested, these include;

Castle Competition

Ten days after after the gunpowder plot upon the original Round Table , the royal family called upon the peasants of Dong Dank to create them a glorious castle to live in when they are visiting the city. After a month of building, the winners of the castle competition were: Ginauz, brumalisPrae, Jazai, titleproblems, swvn9, charliemadman, Brycepoke, tacodude3 and poke5555.