MagicQuarter Peregrinekt
The Magic Quarter
Location DongDank
Type District
Population 900 (approx.)
Rulers Nisovin

The Birch Table

Law Enforcement Arcane Guard
Military Magic Quarter Military
Places of Note Lord Nisovin's Tower
Date of Founding
Founder The Lords



The Magic Quarter's Banner

The Magic Quarter is one of the habitable districts in the city of Dong Dank.  


The Birch Table is the government of the Magic Quarter and The Wizard Tower. They both currently share a government, due to The Wizard Tower being inside of the larger district of the Magic Quarter.

The Birch Table formerly was made up of 18 wizards and witches, but is now made up of 9 due to issues with controlling the meetings.

The Table's councilmen are nominated, usually self-nominated, and voted upon by the Mediator of the current council, whom is currently iamtaller.

For the history of the council members and mediators, past and present see The Birch Table.

There are plans made to make the Magic quarter a fully democratic system where all residents can vote.

Law Enforcement

The Arcane Guard is the Magic Quarter's law enforcement agency.


The Magic Quarter's Army is the military for the Magic Quarter. It is only mobilized at times of war.

Notable Locations Within The District

Notable Events

  • Lord X attacks
  • Airships Crash into Nisovin's Tower

District Regulations

Lords magicquarter

The Magic Quarter like any district, have strict regulations on what peasants can use as building materials.  All peasant residents of this district must use the blocks featured on the left to build their homes and businesses, otherwise they will face harsh penalties from their lords.  They may, occasionally, be blessed with additional blocks, but only the blocks shown can be purchased outside of the general store goods.

Most plots in this district feature the theme of white & blue, since the blocks available are Quartz, Lapis, Redstone Blocks and Birch wood.  Some residents find unique ways to create contemporary themes through the use of glass and wool.

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