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The Great Oak
Location Dank Dong
Type District
Rulers The Lords
Law Enforcement
Places of Note
Date of Founding
Founder The Lords

  The Great Oak, is one of the habitable districts in the city of Dong Dank. The Great Oak dwells within the district of Natures Grove. Many refer to these two districts as one combined name of Oak'sGrove  

Notable Locations Within The District

The Great Apple

Oak Spring

Oak Modern Art Museum

Notable Residents Of The District

District Regulations

Lords greatoak

The Great Oak, like any district, have strict regulations on what peasants can use as building materials.  All peasant residents of this district must use the blocks featured on the left to build their homes and businesses, otherwise they will face harsh penalties from their lords.  They may, occasionally, be blessed with additional blocks, but only the blocks shown can be purchased outside of the general store goods.

Most plots in this district feature the theme of trees and greenery, since the blocks available are wood, grass, and trees.  Some residents find unqiue ways to create contemporary themes through the use of glass, but it is hard to find a home in the district that does not include wood.  Flowers are also a popular feature and are used as accents against the greens and browns.

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