The Dwarven District
Location Dong Dank
Type District
Population 711
Rulers Lord Willakers
Law Enforcement Lords Police Department
Military The Dwarven Hammer
Places of Note
Date of Founding
Founder The Lords

  The Dwarven District, home to many dwarves of Home. It currently has 584 plots. The District is ruled by Lord Willakers and is governed by The Dwarven Council of the Deep. The motto for the Dwarven District is Tough as Stone, Twice as Stubborn. 


The Dwarven Council of the Deep is the official council of the Dwarven District. Council is held once a week, usually at the town hall, with various topics discussed with the larger Dwarven Community. They hold elections every two months. It consists of 5 Jarls, Master Goldsmith, Keeper of Law, Master Tradesman, Stonemaster, and 2 Scribes


The Dwarven Hammer is the army of the Dwarven district. It currently has over 50 recruits and 3 Generals. The generals command the army, but any decision they make can be overruled by the council. Lord Willakers also can take out any recruit to be his serfs in the event a Lord vs. Lord war occurs.

The Dwarven Hammer, the military of the Dwarven District, is split into three parts;    

  • The Dwarven Axe, based on attacking and assault.    
  • The Dwarven Shield, based on defending the district and allies.
  • The Dwarven Wrench, based on supporting and supplying the rest of the Hammer by making clothes, fortifications, inventions, and the demolition of enemy structures.    

The Dwarven Hammer was originally formed during to Nature's Grove/Brickton war to help defend Grovian allies against the threat of the Bricktonites. With the Northern and Southern split of the Dwarven District, the Dwarven Hammer was revived after a period of idleness as the Dwarven Rebellion of the North and the tensions with the Vineyard could have lead to war. New activities have been put in motion, such as patrol routes, an official Hammer uniform and ambassadors meeting with the Nether Ward about trying to prevent the North recruiting Nether Ward gangs and bounty hunters. After the civil war is over, the Hammer has gone into a long period of inactiveness. Even possible disolution, with Willy banning all councils and sellin' the mine to Elves.


  • On April 1st 2015 the district subreddit was changed and it became the "Pink District"
  • The Dwarven District's only ally is The Paupers.