Double D, short for Dukes Den or Dukes Debauchery, is a club in the Barrens ran by Duke Pony (DukePony) and Good Guy Mike (managhanmi78). The club is a pay to enter bar that serves as the base of operations for their current Lords of Minecraft series.


DukePony: (First Episode: Mike and Dukes Club Ep. 1) Duke is a digital animator currently living and going to school in Seattle. He is known for his work on AskDukePony, Pony Muscle, Desond comics, and a few animations on Good Guy Mikes Channel.

ManaghanMi78: (First Episode: Mike and Dukes Club Ep. 1) Michael is a college student in Montana who is the main Editor/Creator for channel Good Guy Mike. The channel Good Guy Mike is a growing channel on YouTube featuring everything from Sketch Comedy to Song covers.


The Double D is located in the Barrens, take a right out of the portal, and cross the road, look for the Double D.

The DD special