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Book and Quill


Plot Farewells are held items on the Lords of Minecraft server that peasants can use to set a farewell message for their plot. They can be bought at the Record Keeper in the Department of Records for 50 gold. In order for peasants to leave farewell messages on their plot; simply open the book, write your message on the second page, and then sign the book. The message will appear for any player afterwards when they leave your plot boundaries. The title of the book does not matter, as it will not affect the plot farewell message.

Plot Farewells are often used to leave nice gestures towards peasants that visit, and add an additional level of plot customization for peasants.

Relevant Information

Although it might be hard to distinguish normal book and quills from the plot messages, the plot messages have a green tinted title when observed in the inventory.

Peasants are encouraged to use the greeting previewer to test their plot greetings and farewells before signing the book. The previewer was made in the early months of the server so peasants could avoid making mistakes for their plot messages. In addition, it was learned that certain color codes placed in front of a message could allow peasants to pick and choose particular colors for their plot messages via the greeting previewer.

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