Pauper District
Location DongDank
Type Sub-District of New Paupers
Rulers Electricity Man
Law Enforcement
Places of Note
Date of Founding
Founder The Lords

  The Pauper District (also called Old Paupers) is within New Paupers. It has its own council and it shares a lord-like superhero named Electricity Man with the rest of New Paupers.

District Relations

Paupers is located in North-West of Dong Dank, it borders on the Slums, Cloud Kingdom, Netherward, Mainstreet and the Vineyard. Located in the middle of Paupers is the Slums and Cloud Kingdom. The three districts all have close relationships. Even so, the three districts have been combined together to make New Paupers. New Paupers is looked over by Electricity Man, who resides in the Cloud Kingdom.


Paupers is split into three separate sub-districts.

Arena District

This part of Paupers is located in the Southern area of the district. The name it is given is due to the Hoedown arena being located inside the area. 

Industrial Quarter

This part of Paupers is located in the Western area of the district. The sand factory is located here, giving the name the Industrial Quarter.

Border Town

This part of Paupers is located in the Eastern area of the district. This area borders on the Netherward and Vineyard, responsible for it's name.

Notable Locations in Paupers

The Hoedown Arena - Here peasants can fight to the death for ultimate glory, with a hoe of course.

The Fanology Monument - Here you can show in what way you worship specific lords, shown by writing a book and choosing an animal that represents the way you feel about the lords.

The Sand Factory - Here you can you use your stamina potions to get gold by shovelling sand.

The Town Hall - Here the council comes together to discuss the affairs of Paupers, located next to the Hoedown Arena.

Blocks Available

LOM Pauper

The Paupers like any district, have strict regulations on what peasants can use as building materials.  All peasant residents of this district must use the blocks featured on the left to build their homes and businesses, otherwise they will face harsh penalties from their lords.  They may, occasionally, be blessed with additional blocks, but only the blocks shown can be purchased outside of the general store goods.

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