New Paupers
Location Dong Dank
Type Region
Rulers Cloud Kingdom - Lord Roamin

Paupers, Slums - Electricity Man

Law Enforcement
Places of Note
Date of Founding
Founder The Lords

 New Paupers is a combination of three separate districts, this includes Old Paupers, Cloud Kingdom and the Slums. Until the Anvil Roundtable meeting, Electricity Man ruled all three districts, but now Lord Roamin owns the Cloud Kingdom.


The three districts are known as New Paupers, however they all have their own separate councils.

Old Paupers

Old Paupers has it's own council that meets regularly at Pauper's Town Hall. Old Paupers along with the Slums are represented by Electricity Man.

Cloud Kingdom

Cloud Kingdom has their own council called the Council of Storm. During the Anvil Roundtable, Lord Roamin took control over Cloud Kingdom[1].


The people of the Slums voted for a communism regime, however they are still represented by Electricity Man.

Notable Locations

Slum Tower

A residential tower in the Slums that is popularly known for holding a McDankeys on the ground floor after the original one being taken to Friendship Town for the joust. The Slum Tower is located within the Slums.

Hoe-Down Arena

The Hoe-Down Arena is an arena that holds special events called Hoe-Downs where each competitors must fight each other with a hoe. This plot has PvP enabled on it. It can be located in the sub-district of Paupers which it is named after, the Arena District.

Sand Factory

The Sand Factory was built for a project set by Lord Willakers in his Dong Dank Civil Services project. After being built, the last of the mines in Mount Delphia was mined out, putting a lot of peasants out of jobs. So the Sand Factory was turned into a new job. You can find the Sand Factory in the Industrial Quarter sub-district of Old Paupers.

Boo Scoot Grounds

The Boo Scoot Grounds is a camping area for Boo Scoots. It is used by the Lords who act as Scoot Leaders and they take Boo Scoots on trips around the city of Dang Donk. It is located in the Border Town sub-district of Paupers bordering Netherward.