Lord X
Vital Information
Titles Lord
Other Name(s) Unknown
Status Unknown
Current Residence Unknown
Representative of
Gender Unknown
Race Unknown
Hair Color Unknown
Eye Color Unknown
Friends Unknown
Allies Unknown
Minions Unknown
Enemies Unknown
Powers and Abilities
Power(s) Unknown
Abilities Unknown
Equipment Unknown
Weakness(es) Unknown
Series Information
First Seen Unknown
Last Seen Unknown
Played By Unknown

Lord X features on the Lords of Minecraft server. It is currently unknown who this is as they have never been seen. There is question that the only one who survived out of the 10 that wasn’t a Knight and didn’t become a lord knows Lord X


The name Lord X has been used as an alias by other Lords in order to try to pass the blame to the actual Lord X for what they have done. Notably Lord Willakers & Lord Deadbones

Notable Events

  • Destroyed the crystal at The Birch Table and replaced it with a X
  • Declared war on the Magic Quarter.
  • Bombed the Brickton council.
  • Left a punny sign on a boat.
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