Lord Nisovin's Public Library
Location Magic Quarter [800,400]
Type Library
Population Various
Rulers Torn_Star_, Kohtalon, Cat656, tanya3140
Law Enforcement Not Applicable
Places of Note
Date of Founding
Founder Lord Nisovin

 "We don't burn books, Jimmy." -Torn_Star_

Lord Nisovin's Public Library

The Public Library of Lord Nisovin was created to house all of the city's books in one place and to help teach Jimmies how to read.

Built by his Lord Nisovin himself, brick by brick, each piece of quartz hand-crafted by the finest Gnomish jewellers on the planet.

The Library currently has a warp pipe that is accessible through the Warp Zone.


  • Kohtalon the Ranger
  • Torn_Star_ the Animated Archivist
  • Cat656 the Mascot
  • tanya3140 the Gravedigger (Honorary Librarian)
  • Tanya-Clone0015 (Receptionist)

Video Débuts

Lords of Minecraft - Nisovin's Public Library

Lords of Minecraft - Nisovin's Public Library

Library Catalogue

The Library has a Catalogue that displays all of the books currently shelved. Titles highlighted in yellow indicate books that have been shelved in the past week.

LOM Books Wiki

The Library has it's own wiki!