The Hoedown Arena is an arena in the (old) Pauper district, where peasants can fight to the death for ultimate glory. It is one of the oldest buildings in Pauper, and in Dong Dank and is the only plot that has permanent PvP.

Hoedowns consist of peasants fighting to death with hoes. The Hoedowns work in a knockout way where when you die you are out, and if you win you go on to the next round.

The Gnomiest of all the lords, Lord Nisovin, gave the magic to let peasants harm each other in  the arena in the form of a Golden Hoe, which the owners could use to toggle that ability. Later the Golden Hoes were removed and the arena had perma-pvp in the dedicated pvp part.

Being one of the more notable buildings, the arena has a dedicated warp pipe leading to it, making accessibility easier.

Hoedown tournaments

The first Hoedown, one of the most attended, was visited by Lord Arkas and Willy and won by Lovelandmonkey, you can watch footage of the first Hoedown here.

The second Hoedown was won by Theexternal, aka The Red Eskimo, and as a prize he was made a squire, you can watch the footage here.

There was a Hoedown free for all hosted by some lords, which was won by TheBaldr and he was made into a squire for Lord Justin.

The third Hoedown was not of much note.

The fourth one was the bikini down, where all fighters had to wear a bikini or swimsuit.

The fifth Hoedown was a "doubledown" where the fighters were in teams of two.

The sixth was of no note.

The seventh Hoedown was a district down, where the fighters fought for the glory of their district! This was won by The Magic Quarter, making that the most glorious district.

The eighth Hoedown was not of much note either.

Hoedown Rules

Here are the basic rules as made by the Hoedown owner.

  • Never fight in the stands.
  • The only weapon allowed in the arena is hoes unless otherwise specified.
  • Do not message the owners.
  • Anyone that follows the rules is allowed to fight.
  • Do not use caps, the owners use caps to announce fights.


There are plenty of owners for the arena, although some show themselves more in public than others. Sanji__Sama, the announcer of most of the hoedowns, Amaya13, binjuicesunday, bluu31, Lapris, M1Silencer, Nenga, Phenrear, TheRockinPuppy and TyloNary. The owners are also the referees during the hoedowns, so listen to what they say!

Links official arena reddit.