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Trapped Chest


Donation Chests are special chests on the Lords of Minecraft server that peasants may put items into. Right clicking a donation chest with either gold or a signed book will put it into an available chest slot if it has the required room. These chests are roleplay tools often used for accepting tips or trading mail with other peasants. Only plot owners and hired employees of the particular plot that the donation chest is located on can open it. They can be purchased at the Blocks Vendor in the market for 100 coins.

Relevant Information

The donation chest is actually a re-purposed trapped chest. This makes it easier to indicate the differences between donation chests and regular chests on the server; due to the slight red hue.

Before January 7th, 2014, it was possible to donate all droppable items into donation chests. However, due to abuses with the donation chest system at the Fanology Monument; the system was revamped. From that point onwards, Lord Willakers made it only possible to donate gold and signed books.

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