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Cloud Kingdom
Location DongDank
Type Sub-District of New Paupers
Population ~50
Rulers Lord Roamin, The Council of Storms
Law Enforcement The LPD
Places of Note
Date of Founding
Founder The Lords

  The Cloud Kingdom was one of many districts within the Minecraft role play server Lords of Minecraft. When Cloud Kingdom was taken over by Roamin in the Anvil Roundtable, where he takes Cloud Kingdom from Emissary Steve, he renamed it to Sky Brickton[1], though it was changed back to Cloud Kingdom by Roamin later on[2].


The Cloud Kingdom was governed by The Council of Storms. The Council was elected in a popular vote monthly, with nominations beginning the week before the end of the month, and elections beginning on the following Friday.


Nominations began with a thread that is posted on, here each Clouder could nominate one other Clouder, but couldn't nominate themselves. After a half-week to a week, depending on the rate at which nominations happened, the nominations closed and elections opened.


Elections began. Elections were done by Clouders doing the following:

  1. Clouder got a book and quill.
  2. Clouder stated in book his/her name, and exact coordinates to his/ her plot, to prevent false votes.
  3. Clouder stated two votes, two for standard council positions, and one for the executive position (see "Special Positions").
  4. Clouder placed the book (signed) in a chest at the Rainbow Towers.
  5. After a period of time (half-week to week), elections closed and votes were tallied.

Vote Tallies

Votes were tallied by the following method:

  1. Votes were tallied for executive position (Cloud King/ Queen). If a Clouder was voted for executive position but did not win it, those votes were redirected to being councilor votes.
  2. Votes for council were tallied. The eight councilors with the most votes won seats. The different seats were given based on the councilors.


Notable Locations Within The District

District Events

District Regulations

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