Building Inspectors

Season 2

LoM Inspectors8x10
No. of episodes 13
Original run January 19,2015-March 9,2015
Season chronology
Season 1
Season 3

Building Inspectors: Season 2 debuted on Month, Day year and concluded on Month, Day year with a total of 13 episodes.  This season involved review of previously seen districts, mostly to find new and unqiue buildings for the lords to inspect.  Much like the previous season, this one is well known for the use of signs to leave messages to builders, and the general appreciation from the Lords on what the peasants are doing around the server. 

Season Overview

Returning for a second season of Building Inspectors based on popular demand, Lords JustinRoamin, and Nisovin return to the city .  They begin their journey through the main streets of the city, and quickly discover that they need more tools in order to examine and give feedback to the overactive citizens.  With the help of Lord Nisovin, crowd control techniques, and dozens of wood signs, the three lords go from The Slums to Cloud Kingdom leaving few houses and homes untouched.


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