Building Inspectors

Season 1

LoM Inspectors8x10
No. of episodes 13
Original run July 21st 2014 to

July 27th, 2014

Season chronology
Season 2

Building Inspectors: Season 1 refers to, collectively, the first 13 episodes released for the Building Inspectors series.  Debuting on July 21st, 2014, the pilot episode recieved a combined 7,000 views (as of August 23, 2014).  This series continued to aquire followers and fans as the Lords moved throughout the city, gaining more and more in-game viewers as they went.  It is well known for the use of signs to leave messages to builders, and the general appreciation from the Lords on what the peasants are doing around the server. 

Season Overview

With on a few days of residency in the unnamed land, Lords Justin and Roamin decided to take a walk through the city to examine the wild growth of citizens and their homes.  They begin their journey through the main streets of the city, and quickly discover that they need more tools in order to examine and give feedback to the overactive citizens.  With the help of Lord Nisovin, crowd control techniques, and dozens of wood signs, the three lords go from The Slums to Cloud Kingdom leaving few houses and homes untouched.


# Image Title Airdate
01 BuildingInspectors1 Pilot July 21, 2014
In this new series, Lord Justin and Lord Roamin go on a journey to inspect the many buildings of the City of Dong Dank. In this episode, they take a look at the first houses that have been built on Main Street.
02 BuildingInspectors2 The Slums July 22, 2014
After talking a walk down main street, Lord Justin and Lord Roamin decide to move on to the most magical of district, The Slums. Being the most populated district, the lords find many exciting and unique designs amongst sticky floors and cobwebs.
03 BuildingInspectors3 Brickton and The Vineyard July 22, 2014
This is the first episode where the Lords begin using signs to leave constructive and creative comments for the plot owners.
04 BuildingInspectors4 The Wizard Tower July 23, 2014
05 BuildingInspectors5 The Dwarven District July 23, 2014
06 BuildingInspectors6 Main Street July 24, 2014
07 BuildingInspectors7 The Sand Dunes July 24, 2014
08 BuildingInspectors8 The Great Oak Tree July 25, 2014
09 BuildingInspectors9 Cloud Kingdom Part 1 July 25, 2014
10 BuildingInspectors10 Cloud Kingdom Part 2 July 26, 2014
11 BuildingInspectors11 Pauper District July 26, 2014
12 BuildingInspectors12 Back to Brickton July 27, 2014
13 BuildingInspectors13 Halloween Town July 27, 2014
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