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Blank Plot Leases are held items on the Lords of Minecraft server that are required of peasants in order to rent a plot. To rent an available plot, just stand on a vacant plot of interest and right-click with the lease. It will then tell you information about the plot, including its rent cost, the district it is from, and the command to type to rent that plot. Blank Plot Leases can be purchased for 5 gold coins at the Record Keeper in the Department of Records.

Relevant Information

The Blank Plot Lease used to be sold by the Real Estate Agent in the marketplace until the vendor was replaced with the Record Keeper after the server migrated from PlayMindcrack.

However, in those first few months of the server, the Real Estate Agent also sold Blank Plot Deeds that you could opt to buy plots with rather than rent them - for ten times the original plot rent cost. Bought plots still remain on this server today. In addition, while Blank Plot Deeds still exist on the server, the mechanic was removed and plots cannot be bought anymore. Lord Willakers removed the mechanic in order to avoid having peasants hoard plots by buying them and not playing on the server.

  • The description on the Blank Plot Lease:
    • "Used to RENT a plot." This makes reference to when you could buy plots with the Blank Plot Deeds.

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