The Elder Dragon, Barsiddius

Emerging from unknown sources, Barsiddius is a terryfying elder dragon that terroized the realm of Camelot until being vanquished by the Lords. The Dragon is also responsible for it's blood, which granted the lords with immortality, as well as their magical powers.

The Battle

100 of Camelot's strongest knights were sent to battle the Elder Dragon before it could put the kingdom in danger. The battle raged on for ages, and many brave knights lost their lives. In the end, it was the then squire, Night Pyro , who threw his sword into the dragon's soft underbelly, bringing the mighty beast down. Of the 100 knights, there were only 9 survivors. They were:

Dragon's Blood

After the battle was finished, all the surviving knights used a chalice, provided by Squire Pyro, and drank the mystical Dragon's Blood.

The legends of Camelot say that Dragon's Blood is a rare and magical substance that can "...cure any wound, ward against death, and make [any man] immortal."

The Knights all drank the Dragon's Blood, and even the young Squire sunk in a sip or two.

The Aftermath

The Nine Knights of Camelot ran back and reported findings to King Poose, telling him the stories of the mighty battle, and the vast untamed land that lay before them with the dragon gone.

King Poose granted the title of Lord to the Eight Knights, and told them to go and conquer the new land in his name. Squire Pyro was later Nited to the title of Nite Pyro.

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