Bandits are members of Poppy Willy's Gang and reside in the Black Market.

General information

Bandit life is pretty simple, you use your bandit shank on people to steal swammies and get out before the paladins catch you.

The Black Market is open to bandits and peasants, paladins will be "shot" upon entering and cannot walk around the place. Bandits can hide in the Black Market during the day and cannot be arrested being able to buy Air Justins, swammies and cards for disguise. There are also plots in the Black Market to hire and build on, they count as special magic.

How to become a bandit

In the job center there is a button that can be pressed to become a bandit. After the button has been pressed you have 90 seconds before the paladins know you have been turned into a bandit. You will be kicked from the server as your name is changed and upon return your name will be red and have a pistol next to it.

Downsides of bandit life

  • Bandits can not teleport outside of their shardstones, homestones and warp pipes.
  • Bandits do not gain speed boosts from main roads.
  • Bandits will be hunted by paladins, if a paladin hits them with a baton they will be held in place for 30 seconds before being arrested. You cannot flee after being arrested and logging out will result in you going to jail anyway.

Tips for avoiding paladins

  • Paladins require sunlight to jail bandits so travel at night.
  • Use disguises to cover up being a bandit, nickname resets and vineyard oil will also hide your bandit presence.